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BLUE MOUNTAINS LIVE specialises in event marketing and impression-based display advertising for Blue Mountain Businesses and their products. We create original, entertaining and engaging adverts that focus on developing a relationship between local and touring acts and the organisers, venues and local businesses of the Greater Blue Mountains area. To discuss what Blue Mountains Live can do for you, please email,  call 0412 245 797 or fill out the form below.


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Reach NSW’s biggest western regional market by advertising on Blue Mountains Live.

The Greater Blue Mountains Region is one of the largest regional economies in Australia, encomposing an area spanningt from Penrith and the inner west out to Lithgow and tom the edges of Central Western NSW.

The Blue Mountains is one of the few regions that attract touring artists to hosts shows other than the major cities the major cities.

measurable ROI

We specialise in sponsored content and impression-based display advertising.

We create original, entertaining and engaging content that focuses on telling not selling, and offer results-driven display advertising. We believe this combination is the key to boosting local sentiment and getting people excited about your venue, event, or promotion. We also beleive that by providing a resourse for finding out when and where live music is available we are helping to build a solid music industry based around the artists and by picking and advertising on the event pages of your favourite arttists you are helping with that goal.

A Trusted resource

People trust us to know what’s on and where to go in the Blue Mountains.

Every month, over 5,000 people across the Greater Blue Mountains region come to the Blue Mountains Live website and Facebook event page to find out what’s happening around the region and beyond.

From our web visitors to our email subscribers and online communities on Facebook and Instagram, we’re talking to your potential customers.

Reliable & consistent

If it’s on in the Greater Blue Mountains region, it’s on Blue Mountains Live.

With this simple philosophy and a passion for local entertainment, Blue Mountains Live was born.

Blue Mountains Live has become the region’s premier online music, entertainment and event guide in a short 12 month period, a place devoted to all things happening from Lithgow to Penrith.


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